Lugus Mercury Handmade Boots frequently asked questions:


Q: Is everything really made by hand?

A: Yes. All our products are made completely by hand by master shoemakers.

handmade white golf shoe being madecustom golf shoe being created by hand


Q: Are your boots and shoes expensive?

A: Our prices are comparable to other high-end handcrafted boots and shoes, higher than some and lower than others. However, you will not find a finer quality product anywhere.

hand tooling close upgreen and gold inlay and overlay



Q: Can I buy Lugus Mercury boots or shoes in a store?

A: Some high-end boot and shoe stores will offer our product, but none are stock items. Your order will be taken and sent to us to manufacture.



Q: I have very hard to fit feet (very big, very small, bunions, toe isses, etc...). Can you make boots and shoes that will fit my difficult feet and be comfortable too?

A: Absolutely. We will work with you to gather all of the information we need to make sure that we completely understand your issue. Next we will create a custom last for you and then design a boot or shoe that fits you perfectly.

custom handmade large tile alligator belly cowboy bootcustom handmade cognac hornback alligator combat bootcustom handmade gary taurus bull shoulder loafer

Q: Can you put (my name, initials, favorite team colors, personal logo or design, etc...) on a boot?

A: Yes, we can do just about anything! Feel free to design your boots or shoes exactly how you want them. Obviously we can't infringe on a copyright, but other than that...the answer is yes, absolutely!

gray elephant custom made cowboy boots with initialshand tooled j on custom cowboy boot

Q: What is a last?

A: A last is the mold that is used to shape your boot or shoe. Our lasts are constructed to the Brannock Scale and produce a remarkably accurate and extremely comfortable fit.