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Brown Hornback Alligator Custom Made Cowboy Boot

In 2008, Southwest Custom Boots opened and continued along with the Arditti name to produce the finest quality handcrafted custom cowboy boot available anywhere. In 2011, when our product line expanded to include custom men's shoes and custom golf shoes, we began doing business as Lugus Mercury Handmade Boots.

With over 250 years of cumulative experience in the handcrafted boot industry, our master craftsmen produce a superior handmade product that is absolutely second to none.


All of our footwear is made completely by hand employing the same traditions that were used over 100 years ago when boots were made to last a lifetime.

Every handmade boot or shoe is a unique creation by our master craftsmen and is carefully made to protect the delicate structure of the human foot and also to express one's individual tastes.

Custom Chocolate Alligator Cowboy Boot inlayed and overlayed with Handcrafted Yellow Roses
Handcrafted and Handpainted Full Blue Pearl Python Custom Made Cowboy Boot


Our craftsman will customize your individual last down to perfection so that you will be able to wear your boots all day and night.

You will be able to appreciate owning a pair of custom handmade boots created just for you that can be worn without causing any discomfort to your feet.


People choose to have shoes and boots custom made because they desire an expression of their individuality and in a more practical sense, since no two feet are exactly alike, to have shoes and boots that are custom fit to the particularities of their individual foot.

Custom Made Vintage Calf Cowboy Boot with Python and Gunmetal Cross
Custom Made Antiqued Gold Caiman Crocodile Cowboy Boot

Every part of your custom boot, handmade golf shoe, or men's shoe is completely made by hand by artisans that still work in this field. Inlays are hand cut and and the stitching on each boot and shoe is still done by hand. We do not utilize computers as most boot companies do for mass production.

Using nothing but the finest quality genuine leather in our vamps, uppers, lining, insoles, and outsoles, our objective is to produce the world's finest handmade product, not the fastest.

A factory boot is not crimped and is lasted and dried in only a day or two. A factory boot will most definitely lose shape much more rapidly than one that has been crimped, kept on a last for a week or more, and left to dry naturally as is done with all our boots and shoes.

A quality handmade boot or shoe, properly cared for, will maintain its shape and size for a lifetime.

Handmade Custom Red Eel Cowboy Boot
All orders are completed within four to eight weeks. Sometimes it may take a little longer. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.